What are we doing and what are we standing on!?

What are we doing and what are we standing on!?

Previous events

Highlight House Party 2020 Vermont


New Years Eve livestream for Highlight House Party 2020, featuring 100s of Vermont-based bands, artists, cooks, dancers, etc.

C&C Studios Livestream Christmas Feat. Puddles Pity Party and Dave Foley

C&C Studios, Los Angeles

Livestream with Dave Foley, Puddles Pity Party, El Vez, and many more! And us!


Bar Pink Holiday Craft and Vintage Bar-Zaar with Pony Death Ride

Bar Pink, 3829 30th st., San Diego

Sip and shop and buy great stuff! We'll be performing about 4pm, doing our full holiday set. This is always a great event!

Dennis Quick's Bday

 —  —

Tower Bar , University Ave., San Diego, Ca

Somehow we got mixed up with these other crazy bands for our friends bday party. He's cool and the other bands seem rad so why not? Bringing a ukulele to a punk show. Sweet.


Pony Death Ride with Bit Maps, Low Points, Exbats

Casbah, Kettner & Laurel, San Diego, Ca

Hey we're playing with a drummer for the first time in 8 years! We open. Exbats are coming in from Bisbee and we want people to see this band! They're great.