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Pony Death Ride with Bit Maps, Low Points, Exbats

Casbah, Kettner & Laurel, San Diego, Ca

Hey we're playing with a drummer for the first time in 8 years! We open. Exbats are coming in from Bisbee and we want people to see this band! They're great.

Bar Pink Prom!

Bar Pink, 30th st, San Diego, Ca

We'll be performing some songs at this awesome bar! Their prom is a fundraiser for Mama's Kitchen and is a blast every year. With DJ Ratty and a kick ass raffle!

Pony Death Ride at Peepshow Menagerie Burlesque Show

Fais Do Do, W. Adams, Hollywood, ca

Peepshow Menagerie Burlesque Show is always a blast! Lots of great acts and a few songs from us. If you need more than that you must be a jerk.


Sounds Like San Diego Vlll

 —  —

Museum of Making Music, 5790 Armana Dr, Carlsbad, Ca

The eighth edition of Sounds Like San Diego, will once again feature some of today’s top local artists performing their takes on songs made famous by artists from San Diego from 1960 to today. Curated and hosted by music historian Bart Mendoza, the evening also includes appearances by some of the original musicians, performing their classics. Song selections will include music from Iron Butterfly, The Cascades, Switchfoot, Jack Tempchin, David Gates, JJ Cale, Ratt and more!


El Vez, The Bassics, Pony Death Ride

The Casbah, Kettner and Laurel, San Diego, Ca

Winding up our Christmas tour in a big way! El Vez Merry Xmas show should, no, can not be missed! And the Bassics! And us! Get tickets asap at the link below somewhere. $20-25.


Cancelled- The Ron Lynch Show!

Steve Allen Theater, Los Angeles, Ca

Hey catch us at The Ron Lynch Tomorrow Show! Starts at midnight on saturday! Update: Our appearance is canceleed due to injury. Hopefully we'll be back at this awsome venue/show in the beginning of 2017!