Even newer release alert!

Our brand new record, "Unthemed", will be released Nov. 20, 2020. Featuring 13 or so new songs, none of which are about Christmas or cats! Crispin Glover, Ben Stiller, not having kids and being awesome are all covered here! It's our 4th record!

New release alert!

November 29th, 2019 Pony Death Ride releases their long-awaited Christmas record, "The First leon- A sassy musical comedy Album." 13 tracks of songs performed during the duo's annual Christmas tour along with new, freshly written holiday tunes. It's the last Christmas album you'll ever need- or want! Tracks from the album were played on The Dr. Demento Show three consecutive weeks!

Bad Christmas dinners, old people ruining a perfectly good time, ugly sweater christmas parties, and murdering Santa. All the songs are here, along with Christmas classics like "It's a Tom Waits Christmas" and "Hobby Lobby Christmas." Sure to replace those boozehound Bing Crosby records you thought you liked!



Married, half-Canadian musical comedy duo Pony Death Ride has released three, soon to be four acclaimed albums and several singles. Their sound is a combination of ukulele-driven ditties reminiscent of old tyme burlesque comedy, and guitar and bass driven songs leaning heavily toward punk rock.

  First casting eyes upon each other in 2008, the MacAskills are finally expressing their unconventional personalities and musical abilities together as Pony Death Ride. Along with Joe’s past experience leading bands, writing songs and performing stand-up comedy, Jaye’s associations with the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum (formerly “Exotic World”) and the “new burlesque” movement have all had major influences on PDR’s unique and irreverent conceptual development.

  Best described as Archie and Edith Bunker with a ukulele and glockenspiel, Pony Death Ride can be seen performing paired down versions of their songs at burlesque variety shows and comedy clubs throughout the country. They have appeared multiple times in Los Angeles at two of the city’s longest running burlesque variety shows Striptease Menagerie and Monday Night Tease, and at the San Francisco Bay Area’s world famous Hubba Hubba Review, in addition to performing at El Cid in Los Angeles as part of the Musical Comedy Circus and The Upright Citizen's Brigade in Hollywood, Ca. This past Spring they appeared at the Tomorrow! Show with Ron Lynch and Scot Nery's Boobie Trap show, both in LA. In their hometown of San Diego, they’ve guest hosted Laugh Attack at the American Comedy Co., and recently performed at Brookledge Follies in Los Angeles.

For the past eight years Pony Death Ride has toured their Christmas show in several states, and it is becoming a highlight of their live performances. Irreverent cover songs, cheeky originals, and awesome costumes give fans a real Christmas kick.  They released their first Christmas album in 2019.



Pony Death Ride has shared the stage with many great performers, including Neil Hamburger, Dave Foley, Mojo Nixon, Har Mar Superstar,and Robert Lopez (El Vez). In October of 2015 the duo hosted and performed at The Arizona Burlesque Fest in Tucson, Az., and in 2018 Emceed the burlesque show at Tiki Oasis.

As people- After meeting each other while in other bands, Joe and Jaye started Pony Death Ride in 2011. They married in 2010. They live in San Diego. They have two cats.  Jaye is on the board of the Burlesque Hall of Fame. 

Pony Death Ride Releases Cat Sounds Summer 2016

Married musical comedy duo Pony Death Ride released their new album Cat Sounds summer 2016. As the title suggests, the album features 9 tracks all about cats! What started as an on-the-spot song about an actual cat chase in their living room has turned into a comedic themed album all about our fuzzy buddies. However, the songs aren't all nice and warm, staying true to the duo's sassy and blue old-time burlesque style. Musically, the songs range from jazzed up ditties to piano ladden ballads to punk rock and even a rockabilly-type number to keep it fresh! In the past, Pony Death Ride has received national and international attention for their hilariously subversive punk and vaudeville influenced album No Longer a Foal… Not Yet a Horse. Pony Death Ride is Joe and Jaye MacAskill, both long-time members of the San Diego music scene.

" We wrote one cat song and the cat song train just kept rolling", states Joe MacAskill. Adding Jaye: "We have two cats, so we feel we're qualified to sing on such a subject." Cat Sounds features nine tracks including "Your Cats Are Crap", "I'm a Cat Guy", and the album's first single "Grumpy Cat (Ain't All That)." After the album's release the duo will play a few select shows and then begin rehearsal for the next holiday tour. The record was once again recorded and engineered by Mike Kamoo of Earthling Studios, who played most of the album's drum tracks. The band was joined by several talented area musicians who helped round out the diverse sound.