Here's a video for the 2nd single from our new record. Here's "Where Did All the Ladies Go?"

New Record Out Now!

Big news! We've relocated to the east coast! Vermont specifically. We look forward to performing all around the east coast and in to Canada! Your turn, East coast!


About us- Pony Death Ride is a married, half-Canadian musical comedy duo!  We have a bunch of songs and records, we tour, and we've played a bunch of neat places and with neat people. We are not kid friendly. The Bio page should tell you more. If you're still unsure watch the video below.



May 2020- Our new record is finished, and here's a video for the first single called "We're Going to a Cuddle Party!"

This Just In!

The release date for our brand new album is November 20, 2020!

News and Updates

Our new single "It's A Tom Waits Christmas is available! Click  below and go to the link. It's a buck, so get it! And it's being played on Dr. Demento!!



"Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Bike" New single and video out July 25!

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